Friday, January 28, 2011

What about a CRM for criminals?

Hi all! We have long been working on some fascinating ideas which pay more and help the elite. You would agree that criminals have too much of the money and some even have political & elite connections. Seeing this, we thought why don't create something exclusively meant for the criminals. This idea has been in our minds for long and today we are there with the beta launch of a CRM application, exclusively for criminals. Named CriminoRM, this application is based on the world's most successful open source CRM called Sugar CRM.

This is not a fork but just an extension to the Sugar CRM which is of the use of criminals and can be used to maintain victim relations for:
  • Extortion
  • Killing
  • Robbing, and
  • Stealing
among many others. With CriminoRM you can easily come to know about the worth of your attempts in graphical representations and scope of earnings in a day, week, month, quarter and year. You can easily plan your days with it. Security is guaranteed as all the data saved is encrypted using an exclusive language and since we are using personalized communication, so nobody knows where we are and we don't reveal where you are. So enjoy!!!

This beta launch means that you can try the CriminoRM for FREE until the final version is released which will cost you around US$ 4,999. So, what to wait for - just email us your syndicate profile at and we will soon get back to you about the downloads and all.

Happy time!!!

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